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Using Ad Submission Software For Fast Mass Advertising

Using the right Submission Software you can get tons of free Website Traffic and backlinks from 1,000′s the fast way from Directories, Classifieds, Article Directories, Blog comments, Social Bookmarking sites, Forums, Video sites/directories, RSS Feeds, Press Releases, and Link Page Networks. Learn about the available software to automatically submit 1,000′s of Ads/Comments/URLs/Articles to these different types of websites and the best ways to use them.

Learn how to get a “well rounded” web exposure for your webpages the fast way. These days you NEED a “well rounded” exposure on the web. You need to have presence on a variety of types of websites.

You will get better search engine ranking and popularity by having links at multiple “types” of websites pointing to your web pages. When the search engines see links to your website from a variety of types of websites it says “this webpage must be important & popular, people are talking about it all over the web”. It gives your webpage much more weight.

You can submit ads, articles, and comments the fast way – your competitors are.

It seems like submitting website URL’s/Ads one at a time manually could take forever to get enough exposure to really make a difference. It does – but you COULD submit ads, articles, and comments the fast & easy way with Submission Software, which is also known as an automatic ad submitter. The key to success using this method of advertising is doing it correctly – doing it responsibly – so you don’t get banned all over the place.

All Submission Software has 2 basic components:

(1) A database of the websites it is going to submit your ad/article/comment to.
(2) Your “Profile” – Fields you can enter your information into such as Title & Description/Article content, URL to the webpage, Keywords, etc.

Some submission softwares are “automatic”, and some are “semi-automatic”.

The Semi-Automatic versions allow you to see the websites you are submitting to, and this is a good thing because they also have information & offers that can really help your advertising endeavors, SEO practices and knowledge, and understanding of their particular role in overall general internet marketing.

Semi-Automatic Submission Software is preferred. It works differently in the submitting part of the process, and is gaining more and more popularity. They allow you to enter the “captcha” code/password that most of them require now. This helps ensure that your website submissions actually get placed to those type of submit forms. It has a window area that actually brings up the website submit page and then automatically fills in the form fields for you with your profile information, and then all you have to do is enter the “captcha” code and click submit.

Automatic Submission Software is faster and easier to use, and can submit ads to 10′s of 1,000′s of Search Engines, Directories, and Classifieds within a matter of minutes. Also known as Auto-Submitter software it is only productive in submitting to the sites which do not have a “captcha” image (where you need to enter the code to be able to submit). Some automatic submission softwares are said to be able to solve the captcha automatically as well. You may have heard about auto-submission software, but have you taken some time to actually learn about how auto-submit software works? Do it today, you’ll be glad you did.

Using advertising software / marketing software enables you to do mass advertising on a much faster basis. The important thing to remember is to be responsible in how you go about it. You could get banned from those websites if you submit too many webpages from the same website, or submit 100′s of ads/articles/content in a short period of time. The majority of these sites approve submissions manually – and you may cause them to get angry enough to ban you from future submitting.

You need 2 things to happen:

(1) You need “exposure” so you can succeed with whatever you are offering. This means mass advertising your offering and website in as many places as possible. The more places you advertise – the more people will see your offering. And you could be doing it FAST & EASY by automatically submitting your Ads to 1,000′s of high PR websites.

(2) You need “backlinks to your webpages” for better search engine ranking to get more traffic to your webpages. “Backlinks” are links to your website from other webpages. Backlinks can make a huge difference in the ranking of your webpages in the search engine results pages (SERPS). You can get TONS of quality one-way backlinks FAST.

You can get quality backlinks and Ad exposure from Directories, Press Releases, Classifieds, RSS Feeds, Article Directories, Forums, Blog comments, Video sites/directories, Social Bookmarking sites, and Link Page Networks.

Because of new submission software technology you are able to submit your Ads, Blog Comments, Articles, RSS Feeds, Forum Comments, and Press Releases to 10′s of 1,000′s of different websites. You’ll get quality backlinks and advertising exposure at the same time by using software that really works, and it’s fast & easy.

There are also some free submission software available. These are usually limited in functionality, and have a much lower number of websites that they are submitting to. Some are free with restrictions, and then you can purchase a license after you check it out and unlock more features like a much higher number of sites for submittal. If you use a free version BE CAREFUL not to re-submit to the same websites again after you upgrade to a paid version!

RESOURCE: offers a directory of popular submission software with the automatic and semi-automatic features, to all the different types of web sites. You can learn about the different softwares available and choose the best for your needs.