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Tips and Advice on Second Chance Banking

With the economic decline raging, a lot of folks have found themselves in either short-term or long-term economic trouble especially with second chance banking options. Too many individuals do not realize that there are ways to navigate around banking troubles. There are resources that will get around, or at least alleviate whatever is blocking you from achieving a better financial outlook and assist with second chance banking.Writing bad checks will land you on the ChexSystems and/or TeleChex database, which are used by banks to determine if a possible customer is too much of a chance. Being in either one of these systems will make it exceptionally challenging to get a checking or savings account from the majority of financial institutions. If a person has a previous checking account that was closed with a negative balance, or has unsettled debt, their name will be reported to ChexSystems or TeleChex. Getting a checking and savings account is essential if you need to budget and save your money. Keeping it in the proverbial mattress is a guaranteed recipe for check-to-check living. Nonetheless, there are viable banking options for those persons that have found themselves unable to get a bank account from one of the large banking institutions.Internet only banks are analogous to branch banks but have no nearby physical location. While they do have account and routing numbers and provide the same services as traditional banks, you will do all of your banking online. Although some may balk at this notion, as long as the bank has a physical address and is FDIC insured, then your money is safe. Many online banks ignore the traditional banking fees since they operate accounts for a small overhead. Yet, many do require you to maintain small monthly balances.Pre-paid debit cards, once funded, provide you with a debit card that either has a specified limit, or only allows you to spend as much money as you have added to the card. You are able to use these cards as debit and credit cards, which will allow you to make purchases over the Internet or anywhere debit cards are accepted. A lot of pre-paid care services also offer direct deposit and bill pay services.There are banks that either do not use ChexSystems and the like, or make allowances for persons that have been reported. Some only initially provide savings accounts, while others supply all of the traditional services you would expect. These banks do vary by state and the services they offer. Most provide checking accounts, savings accounts, direct deposit, paper checks, and a debit card.